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BIRTH 2012 and Beyond
Presented by Margaret S. Arndt – 12-22-12

WELCOME! Welcome friends, pioneering souls, change agents, dear ones.

Today, 12-22-12, marks the day of The Energetic Shift to a New Paradigm!

When high frequency portal energies are opening up to facilitate a cosmic shift to a new energy paradigm for all beings.

It is Day One of a new era for human evolution. It is the Planetary Birth Day for us to birth our shared vision of hope for humanity. 

Many ancient prophecies have spoken of the Great Turning beginning on December 21/22, 2012. They tell of a New Age, the Third Millennium, the Age of Aquarius, the Beginning of the Sixth Sun, the end of old calendars and the commencement of new ones.

The message is well described in the Quechua tradition as the “Pachakuti Era”, “pacha” meaning time and space or the world, and “kuti” meaning upheaval or revolution. 

According to tribal elders and shamans from the Andes, “The Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle” is upon us, when the condor (representing the heart, the intuitive, the mystical, and earth-based spirituality) and the eagle (representing the brain, the rational, material progress, and physical mastery) reunite and fly together in the same sky, along the same path, in balance and in harmony.

The Maya have affirmed that the 2012 date represents a possible spiritual awakening. Their message is simple: “Our actions have created a world out of balance that must be rebalanced in order for us to avoid more suffering to humans and to all life. We must reconcile with our Creator and our Mother Earth, each one in our own way.” For the Maya, this will be with the Sacred Fire.

The Hopi have said that this would be a time when we would re-awaken our connection with the Earth and again recognize her as a sentient being. 

According to mystics, we have entered the Golden Age of Light… as One Awakened Unified Cosmic Heart… through the energy of Divine Love.

In this Galactic Alignment of Light, all Life is moving up an octave. By Divine Grace, “One Unity Consciousness” is again to be experienced, as all planets, suns and cycles align through this Cosmic ascension cycle, occurring once every 25,625 years.

December 21, 2012, the winter solstice, has marked the end of the FIFTH world age. 

Today, December 22, 2012, we are human witness to the Birth of a SIXTH 5,125 year New World Age and 26,000 year cycle.

On this global Birth Day, millions like us are tuning in together in global meditations and celebrations to welcome, harmonize, and ground the incoming cosmic energies, give birth to an awakened, heart-centered, universal humanity, celebrate the dawning of a new era, and usher in the emergent global culture of peace. 

It is an extraordinary planetary birth day of global heart coherence. At its heart is LOVE.


Regarding the future of humanity, Our destiny is in our hands!

As the generation that bridges two rare cycles of time, we are at a “choice point of opportunity”, the ‘space’ between the past five World Ages and before the next five World Ages begin. 

The questions from the universe are: “What do we choose?” “Which beliefs of the last cycle will we carry as the foundation for the future?” “What do we create anew?” The world is as we dream it. “What are our dreams?”

During this “choice point”, we have the power to transcend the illusion of separation, embrace our Oneness, and consciously choose a destiny of peace and harmony.  

Our mandate for the 21st century is to adopt a new way of being, beginning with the conscious evolution and transformation of ourselves; As within, so without.

This new way of being calls us to transcend egoic patterns as we shift from me to WE; connect with the higher frequencies of our being; incarnate our essential selves; hold the frequency of the sacred; abide in the awakened and radiant heart of loving kindness, compassion, generosity, equanimity, and appreciative joy; bring harmony and balance through right relations, including with blessed Mother Earth, who nurtures and sustains us,… and through right livelihood. 

This new way of being calls us to allow for the evolutionary creative impulse to inform the moment, it calls us to follow our compass of joy, come together with others in heart resonance, even in the midst of chaos, and consciously co-create and collaborate with others the systemics for a healthy, peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world.

“Birth 2012” is a growing movement of pioneering souls, - (led by Futurist Visionary BMH, president of the FforCE, and Stephen Dinan of TSN), - who are committed to coming together in heart resonance and consciously co-creating the next stage of our evolution.  

In 2013, we will deepen and broaden our co-evolving, co-creating journey together. The “Conscious Evolution Boston” hub will be inviting pioneering souls and change agents to join our “Conscious Evolution Circles” (indicated on the calendar of our web site), and to convene around a “Wheel of Co-creation” made up of twelve interconnected sectors of an active community, - in which we are invited to share our visions, passions, joys, and “gifts to the shift”, and identify what is working and emergent… as the evolving manifestation of the new world paradigm.

Everyone is encouraged to fill in a Registration slip for the Wheel-of-Co-Creation and contemplate what YOU can do to ‘live peace into being’. If interested in being a part of the future planning team that will be:

- tapping the collective genius in our local communities, 
- actively matching our innovative ideas with resources, 
- laying the foundation for powerful collaborations and brilliant problem-solving, 
- in evolving groups in each field, developing ideas and possibilities into action plans and consciously co-creating the world of our dreams… 

… please fill out the bottom part too, then drop these in the ‘Gift to the Shift’ box. 

Now is the time to truly awaken, synergize with one another, celebrate what is working, and form a new planetary culture, a co-creative society, never known before on Earth. 

We are the energetic shift we’ve been waiting for! 
This is the time for which we were born! 
It is a profound opportunity and awesome responsibility! 


I would like to lead us all through a meditation of shared breath, shared vision, shared voice, shared planetary smile, and shared action


shared breath

On this day one of celebrating and co-creating a new earth life being birthed, we are called upon to drop more deeply into feeling our collective heart.

May we slowly take our first deep unified breath. 

In this quiet space, may we allow the stillness to envelop our being and expand our heart space wide open.

Let us silently pause and be with this opening.

Now, even more slowly, may we take our second coordinated breath, breathing through our heart center.

In this quiet space, may we feel our hearts radiate out from the energy field of our physical body into the greater field of our local community, and beyond, into the planetary pulse of Mother Earth. 

Let us acknowledge that we share the same air, the same water, the same beautiful earth as one human family.

Silently, deeply, let us feel this in every fiber of our being. 

Now, slowly may we take our third planetary breath. 

In this quiet space, may we sense that we are becoming more receptive to the unconditional love of heart resonance. 

As we commune together in this felt place of oneness, on this day one of our new birth, may we ask: what is emerging from the unified field… what is arising deep within? What is being born through us?

Let us silently sit with this in collective deep listening, allowing what is emergent to be revealed.

shared vision

Now from that same space, bring your awareness again to your heart and imagine your dream life.

Imagine what that would be like. Who are you with if you are with anyone in your dream life? What does the landscape around you look like? How are you spending your time? What do your immediate surroundings look and feel like? And how does all of this feel in your dream life? Really go to the life that's in your heart. Remember this.

Now imagine your dream community. Walk out your front door of your dream life (if you have a front door in your dream life), and walk through your community. What are the expressions on people's faces? What are they doing together? What does the landscape look and smell like? How does it feel to be walking through this community of your dreams? Remember this.

Now, one more step out to the world, the global level,… imagine you are watching the newscast from the dream world, your dream world. What reports and stories are being reported from the field that are coming over the newscast? What are the images that you are seeing from around the world of your dream world? And how does this news from your dream world feel? Remember this as well. 

Take a moment now if you've got a piece of paper, and take a few notes about what you saw, felt or experienced in any of those three dream aspects of your dream life.

Notice that when we go into our heart - at the deepest part of our shared humanity, it is likely that we share a beautiful vision for our world - of peace, abundance, joy and freedom. May we rally around and create it together!

shared voice 

As part of the vision of peace, I will read the Peace Planet Proclamation.

We, the people of planet earth do hereby claim our universal and inalienable right to peace. 

We recognize and honor the sovereignty of the people everywhere to live in peace and prosperity.

With the knowledge that lasting peace begins within each of us, we commit to the practice of peace and the well-being of all earth's inhabitants.

We call upon the elders who are many in number to share the wealth and wisdom of their experience with the world. We call upon the artists, musicians, and creative ones across the globe to step forward into their true calling to be the visionaries of our time.

We call upon the young people who come bringing so much life and hope to show us how to find new ways of being in harmony with one another and the earth.

We call upon the citizens of every country -- the working people, the teachers, the healers, the inventors, the mothers, fathers, and the grandparents -- people of every walk of life who have the courage to demonstrate the practice of peace.

We call upon the native peoples of every country who have learned for centuries and are at one with the earth to teach us her great wisdom. 

Now, across the globe we choose to embrace the power of cooperation and collaboration to live as one in the spirit of peace and freedom for all.

It is time to lay our hands on the hearts of our children and promise to practice the peace that brings vitality and beauty to the earth for all the generations to come.

And having shared a breath, shared a vision, shared our voice for peace, we now are able to take a planetary smile in recognition that we all share this vision and this earth and we can rally to create it. 

shared planetary smile 

Imagine in one moment, day one of our birth, there is in fact a global golden moment. It is the aha moment when everybody begins to realize that what we want in our deepest heart of hearts is exactly the same thing across the entire planet and a wave begins to swell up and move across the planet creating a planetary smile for every single person on planet earth, and the earth itself begins to radiate this joy from all the people. 

The celebration has begun, and it will continue. Everybody is radiating joy. It's what we've all been waiting for for so long, and it's finally here right now. Feel that in your body right now. Radiate that joy out from your heart of hearts, to your family, joyfully out to your community and all around the entire planet as you join and connect with all the other human beings that want exactly the same thing that you want. And so it is.

shared action

So, what's next? What's next for humanity? What's next for the earth? What's next for this new universal human as we take these first breaths of day one? 

Next steps include our consciously evolving ourselves, and communities consciously designing themselves. 

The questions of the universe are: What are we consciously choosing…moment by moment? What shared action could we as a community do that means the most to us? How do we really want to live from this moment forward…in every respect? How do we want to treat each other? How do we want to be treated? What is yours to do and what is ours to do to support the collective shift?

There is a banquet of shared actions that we can take to move forward from this moment in Creating the New World paradigm.

We invite you to join our “Conscious Evolution Circles” (indicated on the calendar of our web site), and to register your visions and “gifts to the shift” and identify what is working and emergent at the “Wheel of Co-creation” sector tables! 

Everyone is encouraged to fill in a Registration slip for the “Wheel-of-Co-Creation” and contemplate what YOU can do to ‘live peace into being’. If interested in being a
Part of the future planning team that will be developing ideas and possibilities into action plans, please fill out the bottom part too, then drop these in the ‘Gift to the Shift’ box at the Wheel of Co-Creation tables. 

Now is the time to truly awaken, synergize with one another, celebrate what is working, and form a new planetary culture, a co-creative society, never known before on Earth. 

We are the energetic shift we’ve been waiting for! 
This is the time for which we were born! 
It is a profound opportunity and awesome responsibility! 

Thank you and blessings.