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- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
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A leadership hub can decide to become a “frequency holder” for the Great Shift, represented by the "Core of the Wheel of Co-creation", as well as oversee, promote, and facilitate sectors and sector hubs. 

A sector hub can decide to focus on one of the twelve sectors of the “Wheel of Co-creation”, namely Infrastructure/Design, Justice, Media, Relations, Science, Spirituality, Arts, Economics, Education, Environment, Governance, Health.

The following identifies working evolutionary hubs in the Greater Boston area, Massachusetts region, and nationally, which is ever-evolving. If you would like to join or start an evolutionary hub or know of other evolutionary hubs we could include below, please contact us

See Evolutionary Hub Guidelines for more information.


Common Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit financial institution for social-change and community empowerment.

Credit To The People
Mission: To help people understand and take responsibility for using credit and money for the common good and benefit of all.




Integrative Health Collaborative
Being formed. 

Whole Health Dinners, Gatherings
and Presentations 
Mission: Gather intentional community to enjoy wholesome delicious plant-based meals and holistic presentations and retreats to evolve ourselves and the world. 
For information, go to:


Conscious Evolution Circle
Mission: Gather in circle to experience heart resonance and the "impulse of evolution", and evolve ourselves and the the world. For information, go to:

Co-Creative Evolutionary Circle
Mission: To share from our Essential/Higher Selves and deepen the Resonant Field of the circle based on evolutionary topics.
Meets virtually bi-monthly on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm est. For information and to register, contact Robert at
Conscious Evolution Boston
Mission: See Mission page.

Conscious Evolutionaries​ Chicagoland

Eco-Mind Group
Mission: Create a community based on new understandings of the political, personal-emotional, economic, environmental and spiritual aspects of life, spheres that constitute and form each other. 
Meets monthly on Sundays at 3 pm in West Newton. 
For information, go to Eco-Mind Group or contact Rick

Evolutionary Leaders
Purpose: Our purpose is to collectively inspire, support and serve conscious evolution. 
Mission: United by a shared commitment to strategically engage our collective field of potential, we serve our purpose by providing opportunities for synergistic engagement among evolutionary leaders who are forging a movement for the conscious evolution of humanity. 

Evolving Tampa Bay 


Hummingbird Community 

Live Peace Into Being 

The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible

The Union Team
and its vision of 
The World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible 

The Oneness Community

The Shift Network
Mission: ​Empowers a global movement of people who are creating an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity. 


Social Action at FUSN
Mission: We nurture our spirits and put our faith into action through social justice work in our communities and the wider world. For information, go to:




World Community
"Ultimately, the decision to save the environment must come from the human heart. The key point is a call for a genuine sense of universal responsibility that is based on love, compassion and clear awareness." ~ Dali Lama
"The arts are a powerful force for change, ...offering hope, beauty, humor, perspective, and connection to the human spirit."
Creativity is no longer limited to the domain of artists, but is an evolutionary impulse that compells us to bring our genius to the table, express the fullness of our beings, and become co-creators in the social context of what is emergent. - CEB
Colors In Motion 
Mission: Colors In Motion® is dedicated to bringing beauty and centered calm to our busy lives by providing
cutting-edge environmental display content, which shifts people's moods in public spaces, to help forward-looking facilities reach new audiences and clientele.

Help us connect with developers, architects, interior designers, and CEOs who are interested in shaping quality environments where peoples' experience of the place really matters. 

Evolutionary hubs are social/spiritual collaborative bodies committed to evolving ourselves and co-creating humanity’s great shift to the age of conscious evolution and emergent global culture of peace.

They are a place where we experience the “impulse of evolution” flowing through us, follow our "compass of joy", collaborate and co-create with others based on heart resonance, "vocational arousal", and mutual interests, identify what is working and emergent, and help evolve the "Wheel of Co-creation", represented by "leadership hubs" and twelve "sector hubs", forming an innovative, evolutionary community, and a peaceful, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous world.  
Conceived by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Sociocracy is a consent-based decision-making and self-governance process based on equivalence.
WECHI - Wild Earth Communities and Households International
Compassionate Non-violent Communication (NVC) is based on hearing one another's feelings and needs, and thereby recognizing our common humanity. For information, go to:
The Waldorf School movement provides holistic education that tends to the mind, body, and spirit, and instills a love of learning.