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Being in Resonance

Resonance is an invisible energy field of harmony and love where co-creation occurs. It is a frequency that aligns individuals heart-to-heart, calling forth the gifts and the creativity of each person. 

All of creation is vibration. Resonance is vibration. Through resonance, we feel life with our whole being.

Resonance is the frequency of the essential self, what some might call the higher or authentic self. 

When we feel resonance within ourselves, we're able to transmit it to others.

In the context of building a planetary field, this capacity to build resonance is important. 

When one is in that place of resonance in one’s being, and when two or more are gathered as their essential selves, it's natural that they co-create a resonant field. In that field, they can access higher mind, tapping into the whole pattern of creation.

We exist in fields of intelligence, fields of information, energy, awareness. What we are feeling within reflects itself out in the outer world. As we heighten our awareness, we shift our frequency to a higher frequency of resonance that allows us to access higher mind. 

Some people are coded with resonance. They are heartful people because it is an expression of their heart wisdom. Other people can learn resonance. 

The following are helpful tips to those who are learning resonance; how to create resonance for oneself, and create resonance in a group. 

1. One of the essential elements to creating resonance is to slow down. Taking a few deep breaths and inviting the body to relax. If our body is anxious, we will lose resonance. We want to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which calms down all the systems of the body. 

2. As we take a few deep breaths and relax our body, and build this resonant field, we want to speak consciously. Lowering the pitch of our voice actually raises our frequency. Being very mindful of how we're speaking in addition to what we are saying raises our frequency because the voice carries a transmission. "The word becomes flesh." When we're transmitting the word in resonance, we are creating matter. We are creating reality on the physical plane. 

3. Another tip is to focus our attention on our heart because resonance emanates from the heart. Our heart opens our being to higher mind. All of us can learn to be very powerful without doing anything just by being coherent, resonant beings. When we're in a group, feel into the circle and see our circle. Feel it as one body, connected at the heart; We are one cell or one organ in that body. 

As we do our part in creating this resonant field, we will lift the entire circle to a higher frequency where we can tap into this innate wisdom that is the nature of the essential, authentic self. 

A way to notice when we’re not in resonance is if our body, if we, are feeling anxious. If we're speaking quickly, we're probably in a mental state instead of a heartful state. If in general we're feeling uncentered, ungrounded, we are not in resonance. 

An easy exercise to do is to close one’s eyes. Feel the earth beneath one’s feet. Take a couple of deep breaths and invite one’s body to relax. In 30 seconds or less, we can get back into that place of centeredness, into the essential self, into that place of perfect resonance. 

- By Carolyn Anderson (adapted)