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Brama Vihara with Whispering Deer

The Awakened Heart - Loving Kindness 

Loving-kindness supports the natural unfolding of the heart – a heart that is not afraid and one that does demand any particular result. The love that flows from an open heart is not simply an emotion. It allows the heart to remain at ease under all conditions. Loving-kindness encourages a sense of good heartedness toward ourselves which then radiates outward engendering good will to all beings. 

Join Whispering Deer in experiencing a love that has no preference and sets no limits. For more information, go to:

The Heart in Equipoise - Equanimity 

Equanimity is the capacity of the heart to hold it all – the ten thousand joys and the ten thousand sorrows. It is the expression of the serene and balanced heart. It harbors no judgment, and can hold paradox, and all dualities. Equanimity brings poise, strength, malleability, and steadfastness to the mind/heart. It embraces a quality of kindness and ease that knows no limit. 

Come and join Whispering Deer and open to all our human experiences without resistance, and let these experiences just flow through. For more information, go to:

The Quivering Heart -Compassion 

Compassion is the capacity to remain open in the presence of our own pain and suffering and that of others. It is the movement of the heart that wants to alleviate suffering. Can we let ourselves feel another’s pain without getting pulled into sorrow, anger, or become gripped in the hold of despair or grief? Compassion is a natural arising of love when we are connected to life. 

Come and join Whispering Deer in experiencing the intense clarity of emotion and thought as we meet pain and suffering head on. For more information, go to:

The Radiant Heart - Appreciative Joy 

The heart has a lightness and simplicity that allows it to just be, and to rejoice in the happiness and good fortune of others. Happiness doesn’t diminish when we share it, but rather it multiplies. Can we let go of our protective armor and survival tactics? And watch the magic happen. 

Come and join Whispering Deer in breaking down the boundaries of separation that keep us isolated and alienated, and instead, experience a sense of wholeness, collectedness, and connection. For more information, go to:


Forgiveness -The Most Tender Part of Love 

Forgiveness is the art of letting go, genuinely caring for ourselves, our pain, and, our fears. It is the way we remove from our hearts the thorns that lacerate and pierce it. It is painful to constantly be recoiling in fear, disappointment, guilt and shame. With the strength of forgiveness, we relinquish states of guilt, resentment, remorse, anger, jealousy. 

Come and join Whispering Deer in the delicate dance of touching those places of woundedness with the courage and willingness to heal and free the heart. For more information, go to: