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- By Ron Friedman

"What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals!" - Shakespeare, "Hamlet" 

Oh, tell me what magic is here at work, whisper to me the wondrous Secret that allows you and I to be present with each other, this moment this instant - and then trumpet to me the how of our participation in fashioning this appearance, this happening.

Oh, you could not find our contribution to the billions upon billions of synchronized subatomic, atomic, molecular, organic, electromagnetic events maintaining homeo -"stasis" in this instant, sustaining Life and Consciousness? You could not divine our artistry in directing this miraculous, multidimensional dance that allows us to Be Here Now? I surely don't have the answer, but why do we ever stop asking or acknowledging an ignorance that by the shocking subtraction of our involvement, pushes us into a corner of experiencing what's left over when we let go of the assumed ownership of our own appearance and for a moment, Be what we Are?

Not only those rare creative flashes of insight and intuition, but our ordinary functioning, a sentence we form in writing or speaking, is it not organized with a sequence of words that generally make sense, that communicate meaning? Where was that order rehearsed before we created it? Did we repeat it silently in some secret anteroom, word by word, so that it would make sense to the hearer, and then say it? If not, then tracing its source before expression, in what form did it exist, in what dimension? Does the shadow fall not only between the thought and the deed, but also between the intention and the thought?

Is there a whisper of will that initiates this journey and in some timeless Place with its own instantaneous language? Does it arrange the code that reflected in a lower dimension of space and time (of course with the necessary coordination of voice and hand movement), is sounded as a reasonable sentence or written out in a sequence of characters that you are reading now? What a fantastic creation, in its own small way, perhaps not unlike a nanoed Big Bang of its own? Somewhere it did say "in the likeness and image of its Creator".

Perhaps the enlightenment that we need is that of our own ignorance, of the endless things we don't know and unconsciously take possession of and assume doership. Then, with great courage and childlike honesty, we may experience the wonder of a new vision and new relationship to everything, and find that what's left over is the miraculous presence of ourselves and the Universe around us, and the gift of the consciousness and conscience that can change everything.


Dear friend, 

step back,

  even further back,

  just a little bit more,

inside yourself,

until everything,

  yes everything,

becomes a Miracle.