Conscious Evolution Boston
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- Embodying and Serving a Transcendent Purpose
- Co-Creating in Heart Resonance with Others
a Free, Peaceful, Healthy, Just, Collaborative, Regenerative World where we All Thrive in Harmony.
A Home of: Birth 2012 Boston

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GLOSSARY of Basic Evolutionary Words

Conscious Evolution: As humans gain powers of co-destruction and co-creation, they develop an awareness and ability to evolve consciously by co-creating with the spirit.

Co-Creative Society: A society in which each person can give his/her gift within the whole, where it fits best.  

Egoic Patterns: Ways of responding when in our ‘local self’; the ego, with its self-centered orientation, has its own agenda to protect and control. When ego is present, resonance is missing.

Emergence: Unfolding into new form; to become obvious.

Essential Self: The soul frequency of each individual ready to realize its personal essence. The soul incarnating. Often referred to as the Higher Self.

Evolve: To develop gradually into greater form.

Evolutionary Consciousness: the 3-fold awareness, backward, inward and forward: 1. Looking back in time and experience the mystery of the whole story of creation from the origin of the universe, as one’s own story. 2. Focusing inward to the source of our being, to pure awareness, silence, ‘God’. 3. Reaching forward and participating in the co-creation of the next stage of our evolution.

Gift to the Shift: Heart-fully and actively give of your talents to benefit the new paradigm, the planetary shift from the old world of separateness to an emerging world of collaboration and oneness.  

Pioneering soul: A human who is sensitive to what is emergent, an evolutionary soul who is motivated to transcend the limits of current human experience. Self-transcending humans who seek to resonate with one another in the Communion of Pioneering Souls.

Resonance is the key to success; it opens the path to the essential Self and sustains us through the journey from the small, “local self” to the deeper and larger “essential self” (the authentic, spirit self). Resonance is an integral element within the Heart and soul and becomes a part of who you truly are. Resonance and egoic transcendence must co-exist together to enable successful, sustaining, and unlimited manifestations for the new paradigm. 

Social Potential Movement is the societal expression of conscious evolution. It has been latent throughout history because there has always been a longing in the human heart for a more just, free, loving, and creative society. But it was never before possible to fulfill these aspirations, because we had neither the evolutionary drivers and global crises to force us to change, nor did we have the scientific and technological powers that can free us from the limitations of scarcity, poverty, disease, and ignorance. This is the time of awakening for the social potential movement.

Synergy: The coming together of separate parts to form a new whole, different from, greater than, and unpredictable from the sum of its parts.  

Wheel of Co-Creation: Our turn on the spiral of evolution. Our Boston Hub focus is to encourage and initiate collaborative action by the creative, innovative, untapped and dormant energies within our highly talented Greater Boston arena. By creating purpose, space and place for doing what they love, concentrated groups can collaboratively identify and resolve key issues, manifest results beyond the limited thinking of today’s society, and help co-create the new world paradigm. The Wheel has 12 Sectors of community needs. Each individual chooses a Sector of their passion to collaboratively manifest dreams and futuristic world needs.