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Key Elements of Co-Creating, by Arvetta Souza, 2012

Creating and maintaining sacred Resonance, as well as transitioning through egoic patterns, are vital to successful co-creating These two elements co-exist in the co-creative process – which is the evolutionary methodology of now – and of the future. The old world model of separateness, competition, and winning by being the ‘fittest’ in physical strength is a paradigm of the past. Systems of the old world that we once depended on for survival are rapidly breading down; nothing is working as it once did. The economic, political, environmental, educational, etc. crises upon us demand that we unite in harmony to co-create sustainable systemic changes that make the past models obsolete. Because of the field of opposition “at the top” (government and political avenues, among others), effective change begins within small grassroots groups – such as the one that offers you these words – and moves upward.

Humanity is evolving; the “fittest” are now those who are able to change with the demands of our times. Those who cannot are destined to experience highly stressful lives. Resonance and the synergy of co-creating – in which the whole is greater than the sum of any of its parts – are at the core of our emerging new species. Cooperation and mutual aid have to replace the competitive old world – or our earth will not be able to replenish and heal. Life on Planet Earth as we know it will die, and so will we. Cooperation and mutual aid are grounded in the divine energy of love, a Heart-felt, deeply embedded essence of the human spirit. In the transitions and transformations from the old to new ways of being and living, co-creating a resonant field is urgent – and the key element to true success.

Practicing Resonance in co-creative action groups, as well as merging the Resonance into our daily lives, is key to individual passage from ego control into the essence of the essential Self (the God Self). Access to the essential Self is obtained and strengthened through personally choosing to practice being in one’s inner sanctuary and responding from love, peace, and cooperation. Soulful love “feelings” of the Heart (528 Hz) vibrate outward and affect not only our environment; they are also the electromagnetic “messengers” that transmit our feelings into the universe – and connect to the sacred energies of the cosmos (the vibrating frequency in the cosmos is 528 Hz !).

Consciousness is an evolving awareness of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Our evolving consciousness expands who we are individually, which collectively expands our human species and the universe itself. Practicing ongoing Resonance and responding from our essential Self, while co-creating in small groups, may seem mundane. But, out of the mundane incubator emerges the subtleties of deep and profound truths, resulting in a unity of communion and oneness, where together we resonate and co-create the type of world we have previously only dreamed of.

"Conscious Evolution resides within the heart of each of us. It is experienced as the very force of creation arising as our own unique creativity, urging us to do more, be more, participate more fully in the healing and evolving of our world." ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

The sacred destiny of humanity is everyone’s responsibility through loving, peaceful, and Heart-to-Heart synergistic action. Once the fire is felt within, the inspiration of the co-creative spirit energizes and mobilizes a growing frequency of inner-activity. Resonance is the foundation and the glue that bonds, builds, and motivates the manifestation of the “unknown,” what is possible but not yet here. Every individual faces the challenges and has the opportunity to actively embrace the possibilities of these key elements of life.

References: Deep Truth 2011 by Gregg Braden and various writings by Barbara Marx Hubbard